Spot-On Dog Training, LLC

Offering in-home dog training and behavior counseling in the Houston area.

Our dog and human-friendly, collaborative approach will help you better understand your dog and modify your dog’s behavior to create a companion who is a joy to live with.

Whether you are seeking to get off to a good start with a new dog or puppy or have problems that have snowballed for years, give us a call.  We can get you on track with a plan of action developed to fit your unique needs and abilities and your dog's temperament and past experiences.  We then coach and support you as you work with your dog. 

Do you work long hours or have a dog that can’t be left all day without a break?  Have a professional trainer come by and train your dog for you.  You combine the advantages of having your dog trained by a professional with absolute assurance about the physical and psychological comfort of your dog since he stays in his home environment.

We can teach you and your dog a common vocabulary of standard commands and also go beyond that to true behavior modification so that your dog learns to act appropriately based on the situation, freeing you from having to constantly cue your dog.

With each exercise in your plan, your dog will think you've invented a great new game.  Actually, you will be teaching a new command or instilling a new behavior pattern to replace an undesirable one.  In the process, you will also learn training techniques so that you can train your dog as required by new needs and situations.  Plus you can use training exercises as a fun way to keep your dog mentally and physically active and increase your bond.

You and your dog are both happiest when your dog understands what you want and how to behave and does so willingly and joyfully.  Click HERE to schedule a no-charge telephone consultation.

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